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Insight | Oh Goodlord

The hottest PropTech startups on the MarktoMarket radar

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Insight | The Alternative Premier League

We have looked at the unprecedented acquisition interest in English football clubs and analysed the deals completed in the past few years.

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Insight | Professional Services M&A still slowing

We have looked at acquisition trends over the last five years to see how professional services firms are funding buy and build strategies.

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Insight | EdTech

We have analysed data from MarktoMarket to identify top players in the growing EdTech sector.

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Insight | US Acquirers Taking Advantage of Weak Sterling

Since the UK government's announcement of unfunded growth plans, there has been an irresistible opportunity for cash-rich overseas buyers.

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Insight | CarTech

Our attitude towards cars is changing. People are switching to electric vehicles and a new 'cartech' sector is emerging to facilitate this

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Insight | The Current UK Equity Investment Landscape

A summary of MarktoMarket's August webinar discussing the current UK equity investment landscape.

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Insight | IPO Premium – What Is The Uplift At Float?

How do we price a company at IPO? What happens if there are no comparable peer companies already listed? How do we price these raises?

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Insight | Valuation pressures feeding through to startups? Not yet.

We looked at how early-stage pricing has trended in the first half of 2022 – the results are surprising.

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