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Insight | IPO Premium – What Is The Uplift At Float?

How do we price a company at IPO? What happens if there are no comparable peer companies already listed? How do we price these raises?

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Insight | Valuation pressures feeding through to startups? Not yet.

We looked at how early-stage pricing has trended in the first half of 2022 – the results are surprising.

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Insight | Corporate Law: Investment Activity And Deals In An Uncertain Market

Doug Lawson spoke at LegalEx 2022 on corporate law and investment activity in small and midsized UK companies: trends & 2022 expectations.

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Insight | The Mystery Of Early Stage Valuations: Using Data To Support Negotiations

A summary of MarktoMarket's May 2022 webinar discussing using data to support early-stage valuations.

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Insight | It Is Easy Being Green: The Electric Vehicle Fundraising Boom

Electric vehicles are big business. Here is our list of some of the most exciting UK-based startups in this hot space.

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Insight | What is it worth? Using data to support business valuation

How often do you consider the value of your business? The more robust your data, the better deal you will be able to negotiate.

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Insight | Investment and fundraising in drone technology

We have collated investment and fundraising data on some of the most exciting drone companies from defence, agritech and infrastructure.

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Insight | M&A in the Accounting Sector

Accountants consult on all M&A deals, but recently there has been a wave of accountancy consolidations. How has this affected the industry?

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Insight | Goodwill To All Lawyers

MarktoMarket dives into M&A trends in the legal market

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