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Insight | Finding The Next Gymshark – 5 Sports Brands To Watch

As investors race to find the next Gymshark, MarktoMarket identifies 5 sports brands currently flying under the radar.

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Insight | Healthcare M&A Trends

MarktoMarket deep dives into the world of M&A in the international medical devices and diagnostics markets.

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Insight | 5 MedTech Startups To Watch

Following Medtronic's acquisition of Digital Surgery, MarktoMarket look at 5 other rising MedTech stars.

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Insight | The Growth of the Premium Mixer Market

MarktoMarket looks at the world of premium drink mixers and the future of challenger brands in this market.

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Insight | Rude Health – Sports Nutrition M&A

MarktoMarket explores the rapidly expanding world of sports nutrition.

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Insight | MarktoMarket Football M&A League

Following Deloitte's Football Money League, MarktoMarket looks at M&A transactions in the world of football.

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Insight | UK200Group & MarktoMarket SME Valuations Index

MarktoMarket were delighted to partner with UK200Group to provide data and insight into current valuations trends in the SME market.

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Insight | Internal M&A In Accountancy & Legal

Our CEO, Doug Lawson, speaks with Accountancy Age about how new business models are driving change in the Accountancy and Legal sectors.

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Insight | M&A Trends in the UK Travel Industry

MarktoMarket collaborated on AAB's latest Deals+ issue on M&A activity in the UK travel sector and what we can learn from Thomas Cook.

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