Map the entire universe of companies in any space

Whether you’re identifying acquisition opportunities, undertaking competitive due diligence or developing a sector thesis, enhance your ability to map markets at speed.

MarktoMarket for Sector Screening

Search Across Multiple Datasets

Stop spending hours manually aggregating information from industry lists, news outlets and internet research: MarktoMarket brings all the data you need to effectively map markets together on one structured dashboard. We monitor, clean and categorise hundreds of datasets, from company websites and conference lists through to financial, fundraising and deal intelligence, to build a comprehensive map of UK industries and detailed profiles of the companies within them. 

Get Relevant Results, First Time

Say goodbye to blunt industry searches, poorly categorised SIC codes and irrelevant results. MarktoMarket uses natural language technology so that you can find the most relevant results quickly. Our best-in-class industry search tool enables you to easily build complex searches that take into account synonyms, end markets and potentially related keywords. If you need to go niche, use our website keyword data to drill into detail on hyper-specific sectors.

Filter By Your Preferred Criteria

Segment markets quickly using the financial and non-financial criteria that are most important to you. Whether you’re sourcing acquisition targets, conducting competitive due diligence or simply exploring a sector of interest, choose from hundreds of search parameters to narrow down to the most relevant results in minutes. To track sectors over time, set an alert on the platform to notify you each time a new business matches your search requirements.



We have been using MarktoMarket at Price Bailey for over a year and it quickly became apparent that they are the best positioned data specialist to generate valuable analysis from the collection and aggregation of M&A data from multiple sources

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