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Knowledge is power when it comes to getting deals over the line, but undertaking the research required to build top-tier buyer lists demands significant resource. MarktoMarket tracks a vast array of signals that indicate when companies may have a strategic intent to buy, enabling Corporate Finance teams to get deals done faster and at better multiples for clients.

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MarktoMarket for Corporate Finance Firms

Map Competitive Landscapes

Conduct competitive landscaping exercises in a fraction of the time it would usually take to manually aggregate multiple data sources. Quickly understand who the key players are in niche markets, as well as the deals they have been involved in. Build ideas around a sector thesis, map target sectors and generate competitor lists, all from one dashboard.

Build Exceptional Buyer Lists

Complete deals faster and at better multiples for your clients by identifying the best possible list of potential buyers. Leverage our comprehensive deal database and dedicated buyer research module to build hugely insightful lists of consolidators, unannounced acquisitive companies and “left-field” acquirers for specific industries of interest. 



Accelerate Deal Origination

Take a data-driven approach to winning new deals, using your preferred transaction criteria to identify and evaluate prospects. Search across a broad range of datasets to target companies that are likely to go through an acquisition or financing event in the next 12 – 24 months, and start to build relationships with them, months ahead of the competition. 



Close Deals With Decision Makers

Use real-time sector intelligence to your advantage. Approach negotiations and pitches better equipped with information and insights on valuation multiples, key acquirers, competitors and potential strategic opportunities, as well as the flow of capital within a particular industry. 

Core Features

Dedicated Buyer Research Module

The platform has a dedicated buyer research module which collects detailed intelligence on both announced and unannounced buyers of UK businesses. We also track companies who have not previously acquired, but who are exhibiting signals which suggest a strategic intent to buy. On the dashboard, acquirers are sorted by the sectors they acquire into, rather than the sectors in which they sit, making it simple to identify the most relevant prospective buyers for a deal.

Best-In-Class Industry Search

Our industry search tool is best-in-class, pulling information from a vast array of datasets so you can map sectors quickly. Whether you’re undertaking competitive due diligence, conducting a deal origination campaign or simply exploring a sector of interest, choose from hundreds of financial and non-financial search parameters to narrow down to the most relevant results in minutes. Use our alert system to actively track key sectors and receive instant activity notifications.

Gold Standard M&A Database

Our comprehensive UK M&A deal database is updated daily and our proprietary data collection software and processes mean that we log more enterprise values and multiples than other providers. Deal records are constantly refreshed as more data becomes available, so you’re always working with the most up-to-date information.

I am delighted to support and subscribe to Marktomarket’s services. They have approached the needs of corporate financiers in a 21st century way, understanding the needs of the users and producing directly relevant products, services and insight.

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