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Market intelligence and robust data are key components of successful advisory work, but the research needed to acquire the right insights can be time-consuming and complex. MarktoMarket helps streamline research at every stage of the deal process, so you can generate more revenue for your business and better results for your clients.

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How does MarktoMarket help corporate finance teams?

Accelerate Business Development

Take a data-driven approach to winning new clients, using your preferred transaction criteria to identify potential prospects within our UK company database. Approach pitches better equipped with insights on valuation multiples, key acquirers, competitors and potential strategic partnerships, as well as the flow of capital within a particular industry. Working on the buy-side? Use the same tools to help identify your client’s next acquisition opportunity.


Complete Market Mapping Exercises

Conduct market mapping and competitive analysis exercises in a fraction of the time it would usually take to manually aggregate multiple data sources. Analyse companies both using real-time and historic datasets to build a detailed understanding of the key players, current trends and deal potential within your target market. Benchmark clients against sector averages, generate competitor lists, and identify strategic opportunities – all from one platform. 

Build Exceptional Buyer Lists

Complete deals faster and at better multiples for your clients by identifying the best possible list of potential buyers. Leverage our comprehensive company database and dedicated buyer research module to build hugely insightful lists of potential consolidators, unannounced acquisitive companies and “left-field” acquirers for specific industries of interest. 



Conduct Robust Valuations

Whether you’re undertaking a valuation to help advise a potential client, as part of a formal sell-side report, or for due diligence, MarktoMarket makes it easy to find the comparable transactions and multiples you need – without hours of sifting through lists. Our comprehensive UK M&A deal database is updated daily and our proprietary data collection processes mean that we log more enterprise values and multiples than any other provider.

In Corporate Finance, you need platforms which are user friendly and succinct, but that also have integrity of data. MarktoMarket does exactly that. It’s our key research tool for all things valuation and M&A related.

Why do analysts & researchers love MarktoMarket?

We have a dedicated buyer research tool

Analysts told us that being able to add an additional one or two credible purchasers to a buyer list was extremely valuable, so we built a dedicated tool that collects detailed intelligence on both announced and unannounced buyers of UK businesses. We also track companies who have not previously acquired, but who are exhibiting signals which suggest a strategic intent to buy. On the dashboard, acquirers are sorted by the sectors they acquire into, rather than the sectors in which they sit, making it simple to identify the most relevant prospective buyers for a deal.

We show you deal multiples at a glance

We log more enterprise values and multiples than other data providers, and our comprehensive UK M&A deal database is updated daily, so you’re always working with the most up-to-date information. Analysts told us that finding the right transaction information can be time consuming, so we display all relevant revenue and EBITDA multiples directly on your search list, so you can see at a glance if a deal is relevant or not.

We make finding relevant companies easy

The search capability within our UK company database is best-in-class, utilising information from a vast array of datasets so you can map sectors and identify interesting companies quickly. Whether you’re conducting a business development campaign, doing acquisition research for a client, or simply mapping a sector of interest, choose from hundreds of financial and non-financial search parameters to narrow down to the most relevant companies in minutes.

We provide access to real-time M&A data

We provide monthly UK M&A updates for all of our customers, which include a comprehensive real-time overview of completed deals and their associated valuation multiples. Via our Data Co-operative, we also provide extensive bi-annual Indices reports, which chart deal trends and multiples by both size and sector. For specific projects, MarktoMarket users have access to our dedicated customer service team, who can assist with custom or complex data requests.

If a platform lists 2000 deals but has no relevant multiples, that's useless to me. On MarktoMarket I can see the main multiples attached to a deal directly from the search page, and it’s rare I come across a deal with no relevant information. When I do research, I’ll always use MarktoMarket to find the transaction information I need.

Customer Success Stories

Don't just take our word for it - hear from our customers how MarktoMarket has helped streamline their M&A research


MHA Tait Walker is the largest independent accountancy and advisory practice in the North East of England. The Corporate Finance team utilise MarktoMarket as an end-to-end research platform for a variety of M&A work.

“You need to be absolutely certain your numbers will stand up to scrutiny. You can’t use anything that is vulnerable to challenge, so the platforms we use need to be slick, quick and robust, like MarktoMarket.” Lee Humble, Associate Parter

Find out why MHA Tait Walker consider MarktoMarket their “go to” tool for all things valuation and M&A related.

Verde corporate finance

Verde is a leading specialist Corporate Finance firm that provides expertise on matters ranging from raising finance and investment, to company acquisitions or disposals, navigating management buy-outs, and more. MarktoMarket provides Verde with relevant data for every stage of a deal, from identifying prospective clients right through to closing a mandate.

MarktoMarket also provides Verde with additional data and insight for bespoke thought leadership.

“It’s great using platforms to get data for analysis or verification. But what we want to be better at is using data for prospecting, deal origination and thought leadership. MarktoMarket helps us with all of that.” Craig Blackmore, Director.

Find out why Verde considers MarktoMarket as an extension of its team, not just a platform provider.

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