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MarktoMarket for Deal Comps and Valuations

Find Relevant Comps

Building accurate comp sets is crucial for getting the best possible outcome for your client. MarktoMarket’s gold standard deal database gives a comprehensive overview of UK M&A transactions on one structured dashboard, so you can find the right information easily. Source precedent transactions; analyse detailed breakdowns of consideration paid, cash and debt; and access ‘hard-to-find’ data on comparable valuations.

Cleanse Data In Seconds

Every valuation project is different, so make sure you’re using the most relevant data for each deal. On MarktoMarket you can drill into every calculation behind every multiple for all transactions on our database, so you can be confident in the numbers. To ensure you’re comparing like for like, our comp tables clearly show the sets of accounts driving comparable EBITDA multiples, so you can add or remove any adjustments with ease.




Verify Data Integrity

To build defensible valuations, you need information you can trust. MarktoMarket enables you to access the source documentation behind every EV, revenue & EBITDA figure in just one click, with all key data points highlighted on-screen for ease of use. This means you can sense-check the data behind an entire comp set in a matter of minutes, not hours. 

As a fast growing corporate finance and valuations specialist, MarktoMarket is an essential tool. The platform helps us perform the highest quality valuations efficiently, saving us both time and money. For UK M&A analysis, it is in a league of its own.
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