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Identifying one extra motivated acquirer can change the trajectory of a deal. Don’t leave deals closing to chance.

MarktoMarket for Buyer Research

Segment Acquirers By Strategic Intent

When building a list of purchasers, nothing matters more than sourcing entities that will pay a premium for your client. On MarktoMarket’s dedicated buyer research module, buyers are organised by the sectors they are strategically interested in, rather than the sector they belong to, allowing you to build insightful lists of consolidators, unannounced acquisitive companies and “left-field” buyers for specific industries.



Build Better Lists In Less Time

Manually sifting through industry press, websites and sector lists requires significant resource. MarktoMarket aggregates all of these sources on one structured dashboard so you can identify relevant buyers in minutes, not days. Our best-in-class industry search also makes it easy to map competitive landscapes, including horizontal and vertical value chains, maximising your chances of getting more bids on the table.

Uncover Hidden Buyers

MarktoMarket started as a source of intelligence on unannounced deals in the UK. By monitoring company filings that show an event has taken place, we track and catalogue deal data on huge volumes of acquisitions that are not announced in the press. As a result, you can easily identify and engage with highly acquisitive companies that usually fly under the radar.

Filter By Metrics That Matter

Understanding the numbers is crucial for getting the best outcome for your client. Using MarktoMarket’s proprietary search technology, you can easily build an understanding of who is buying who, and at what multiples. Need more detail? Drill down into specific acquisition records to access a detailed financial overview of each transaction.





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