Accurate deal data is essential for corporate advisory teams, but sourcing trustworthy information can be complex and time-consuming. MarktoMarket's comprehensive M&A database updates deal information in real time, enabling the UK's top Accountancy firms to perform fully auditable company valuations, faster.

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MarktoMarket for Accountancy Firms

Supercharge Valuation Research

Access all of the information that you need to build relevant comps on one dashboard, including detailed data on precedent transactions, deal structures and multiples. Ensure your valuations are robust, highly targeted and defensible using our proprietary reconciliation and audit trail functionality.




Become A Key Strategic Partner

Lead the march towards value-add professional services. Search across hundreds of data sources in seconds to actively identify potential strategic opportunities for your clients, deepen your understanding of their competitive landscape, and keep them apprised of relevant news in their industry. 


Accelerate New Business Development

Actively track interesting companies in key strategic sectors in order to identify potential clients. Map new or niche markets quickly, using both financial and non-financial filters to discover and connect with prospects who best fit your target criteria. Use real-time market intelligence to better target outreach campaigns and book more meetings. 

Core Features

Smart Search Functionality

Instead of blunt industry searches and SIC codes, MarktoMarket uses natural language search technology to immediately highlight the most relevant deal results. Our search also takes synonyms and end products into account, meaning if you’re looking for “healthcare software”, we’ll also automatically surface results for “hospital software” and “pharmaceutical software”.

Verified Deal Data

Each data point for M&A transactions on MarktoMarket includes a one-click audit trail back to the original source document, so you can easily check where the numbers have come from and feel confident in the transactions you use for a valuation. The platform also enables you to view the sets of accounts driving comparable EBITDA multiples on-screen, and add or remove any adjustments with ease.

Gold Standard M&A Database

Our comprehensive UK M&A deal database is updated daily and our proprietary data collection software and processes mean that we log more enterprise values and multiples than other providers. Deal records are constantly refreshed as more data becomes available, so you’re always working with the most up-to-date information.

As a fast growing valuations specialist, MarktoMarket is an essential tool. The platform helps us perform the highest quality valuations efficiently, saving us both time and money. For UK M&A analysis, it is in a league of its own.
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