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How to use data to identify the fastest hiring businesses

Category: Insight

We think we know the best method of identifying, in advance, the businesses that are likely to be planning multiple new hires.

Despite well publicised lay-offs in big tech, startups continue to raise capital.  MarktoMarket data shows that over £15 billion of venture and capital was raised by UK companies in 2022.  Whilst this represents a year-on-year decline, it is still a healthy figure.

The biggest use of this capital goes towards hiring talent and there is a clear correlation between the timing of capital raising and recruitment of new employees.  Typically, staff numbers experience a growth spurt within six months of raising capital.

At MarktoMarket, we collect data on every fundraising over £50,000 and ingest job posts and estimated live staff numbers.  The former gives a leading indicator on the businesses that are likely to be the most active recruiters over the short to medium term; the latter job and staff data back this up by illustrating a spike in vacancies immediately following the raise.

We selected an extract of fund raises over 2022 and looked at their hiring plans over the subsequent six months.

Most of these fundraising events go unannounced but we identify them all.  If you would like to know more about how you can use this data please contact or request a demo here.


MarktoMarket collects rich data on private businesses, particularly in the small and mid-market. Our easily searchable database allows our advisory, private equity and corporate customers to identify, analyse and price investments.

MarktoMarket’s auditable data gives users the confidence that they are dealing with intelligence that can be trusted

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