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Insight | Tech IPO Pricing

We look at two recent IPOs – Deliveroo and Trustpilot – to analyse the market’s response to their stock market debuts.

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Insight | Company Valuations in a post-COVID Era

Highlights from the MarktoMarket Webinar aired on the 23rd of March 2021.

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Insight | How to turn £100k into £82 million

MarktoMarket looks back on Deliveroo’s capital raising history.

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Insight | How much is a Corporate Finance firm worth?

MarktoMarket analyses recent M&A deals in the corporate finance sector with a focus on firm valuations.

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Insight | Buy Now, Pay Later – Deferred and Performance-Based Consideration

MarktoMarket and MHA Tait Walker analysed UK M&A activity in 2020 to identify the prevalence of deferred and contingent payments.

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Insight | Data Is Eating The World – And Commands The Multiples to Prove It

Data providers command truly jaw-dropping multiples, even in software terms. We take at a look at some of the reasons why.

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Insight | Rise of the Robots: Recent Robotics M&A and Five Companies to Watch

Following Ocado's staggering $287m acquisition of two robotics firms, we analyse the UK robotics scene to find some potential future stars.

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Insight | Sector Spotlight on Technology

MarktoMarket uses real-time data to analyse firms showing signs of growth and recovery in the technology sector.

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Insight | Finding The Next Gymshark – 5 Sports Brands To Watch

As investors race to find the next Gymshark, MarktoMarket identifies 5 sports brands currently flying under the radar.

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