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How general practice accountancies can provide corporate finance advice

Event information

MarktoMarket is seeing an increasing trend of general practice firms expanding into corporate finance in order to grow through offering a broader range of services.

For this webinar, Doug Lawson, CEO of MarktoMarket, is joined by Kirsty McGregor, Founder of The Corporate Finance Network (CFN), to discuss the opportunities for general practices to expand their services into corporate finance activities.

After qualifying as a Chartered Accountant and working in corporate finance, Kirsty created the CFN to support accountancy firms in the provision of advice to SMEs to help them run better businesses and plan for succession. The CFN member firms provide SMEs with the most complete and practical business advice that is available anywhere in the UK and supports them to grow the volume and value of funding and M&A transactions in their communities.

Doug and Kirsty will discuss:

· The origins of The Corporate Finance Network and why Kirsty felt it was a missing piece of the SME advisory ecosystem.

· The current challenges facing general practice firms.

· Opportunities for general practice firms.

· The building blocks to offering corporate finance services.

· Benefits of a peer group support network when growing a practice.