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2023 Wrap-Up and SME M&A Predictions for 2024 (with Azets)

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Doug Lawson, CEO of MarktoMarket, is joined by Lee Humble, Head of Corporate Finance at Azets, to look back on the SME M&A market in 2023 and discuss what is in store for 2024. As one of the UK’s most active sellside and buyside advisers, Lee has great visibility over market appetite for exits and acquisitions.

Lee and Doug will discuss:

– Whether 2023 was a healthy year for M&A after the highs of 2021 and 2022.
– What affected the market in 2023. Interest rates, inflation, debt availability and sentiment.
– How valuations and deal structures trended in 2023.
– Which sectors were in favour……..which were overlooked?
– How is 2024 shaping up?
– Where we expect to see activity in 2024.
– Private Equity versus Trade – where is the money?

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