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Customer Profile

Based in Cambridge, PEM is a leading independent firm of accountants and business advisers, and the largest single site practice outside of London.

The Corporate Finance function within PEM is focused almost entirely on lead advisory activity for owner managed businesses. The team works across a range of sectors, with specific expertise in knowledge-led businesses, such as consulting firms, agencies, architecture and recruitment, as well as fast-growth technology.

The function is comprised of a small and dynamic group of professionals who are committed to providing a personal, tailored service for clients. This means that although the primary focus in any mandate is the transaction, there is also a very strong emphasis on understanding the people involved. The team prides itself on this people-led advisory approach, which enables them to build productive long-term relationships that are not based on a singular transaction.

“We know what we’re doing and we try to do it on a personal level. There are a lot of practitioners for whom it’s all about the process, but we like to bring insight and ideas to our clients as well.” Lake Falconer, Partner

Why is data important to PEM?

“The data is all about insight: it’s having insight that other people don’t have.” Lake Falconer

Data is used right across the board within PEM, from first contact with a prospective client right through to the successful execution of a specific mandate. From a general advisory perspective, the team utilize data platforms to delve into specific sectors or companies; help build a solid understanding of transaction landscapes; and offer relevant, timely advice to their client base.

“You need data when you’re pitching. You need it even when you’re having those early conversations to demonstrate market insight, or to show prospective clients new avenues they might not have considered before.” Lake Falconer

From a mandate specific perspective, accurate data is essential. All PEM’s valuations are conducted in full, data supported and open book, so rigorous research is key. Building holistic buyer lists also requires in-depth understanding of target landscapes and the players operating within them; here, again, data platforms play a large role.

There’s no point in having a platform which doesn’t bring something different. MarktoMarket did something different in an interesting way; was much more reasonably priced for our size of firm; and offered a personal style of service not too dissimilar to our own.

Why Did PEM Choose MarktoMarket?

Robust Transaction Data & Relevant Multiples

The team are engaged in numerous research processes throughout all stages of a client engagement, so having a platform which enables relevant data to be accessed quickly and easily at each stage is essential. For them, the MarktoMarket valuation module is a key tool for finding comparable transactions (and their associated multiples) without having to spend hours trawling through lists of deals.

Intuitive Search Functionality & Ease of Use

The platform’s intuitive search functionality aids analysts in finding precedent transactions via the use of smart suggestions, which are based on synonyms and end markets rather than SIC codes. Combined with the ability to adjust multiples and produce detailed comparison tables from one dashboard, this means less time spent on manual sourcing and more time spent ensuring the most accurate report is compiled for the client.

Personal Service & Accessible Support

One of the key reasons that the team at PEM was initially attracted to MarktoMarket was the personal nature of the service, which mirrors how PEM likes to conduct business with its own clients. The team enjoy working with a data provider who actively engage with their customer base and who provide value-add outside of just the platform.

What does the team say about MarktoMarket?

Responsive Customer Service

“I always know I can email if we have an issue or don’t understand something and we’ll get a response pretty quickly. We feel like we know the people behind the platform and can get in touch at any time.”

Makes Finding Multiples Simple

“It’s all very well for a platform to come up with a list of 2000 deals, but if very few have multiples attached, then that list isn’t very useful to me at all. On MarktoMarket I can see the main multiples attached to a deal directly from the search page, and it’s rare I come across a deal with no relevant information.”

Contains Relevant Valuation Data

“We find that on the valuations side there are a lot of providers who just don’t have relevant data – MarktoMarket does.”

Feel Valued as a customer

“That personal aspect of our relationship with MarktoMarket is very positive– we feel like our feedback and opinion is valued.”

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