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Crowe is a leading UK audit, tax, advisory and risk firm with a strong national presence that is complemented by international reach. Crowe UK is an independent member of Crowe Global, the eighth largest accounting network in the world.

In the UK, Crowe has a well-established Corporate Finance function that delivers a wide variety of advisory services across a range of sectors, primarily working with owner-managed and AIM listed businesses. The practice has deep expertise within the SME and Private Equity markets, and the team in the Kent office were early MarktoMarket adopters.

As a firm, Crowe focus on lasting relationships as opposed to transactional mandates, and therefore on building holistic strategies that offer the best long term returns for clients. As a result, the Corporate Finance team has a reputation for giving high quality advice to their regional client base.

“The quality of our work is at the forefront of our mind at all times, and a commitment to the long-term interests of our clients is embedded in the culture.” Geert Struyven, Partner

Why is data important to Crowe?

As a national firm, Crowe utilise a wide range of data across the different functions of the business. Within Corporate Finance, the analyst team is highly targeted in sourcing, assessing and presenting data as part of their M&A and valuation work.

When executing sales mandates, data is employed throughout the process to source comparable transactions; map markets and identify potential buyers; and to compile marketing material. The insights derived from this research can also be used in advising clients on preliminary indications of business value.

Data is a core component of the formal market reports, which form the basis of a broad spectrum of valuation work, from M&A through to tax and dispute related exercises. The analyst team is well versed in using a variety of data sources, so time is not a limiting factor for them; rather the focus is on finding the most relevant information in the most effective manner.

We were initially impressed by the simplicity and ease of use of the platform – and those factors are why we keep it. Fundamentally, we need to have access to M&A data and there are a lot of resources we can use, but I’m not aware of many other tools that would be as user friendly and helpful as MarktoMarket.
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Why Did Crowe Choose MarktoMarket?

Ease of Use & Quality Service

Crowe were early adopters of MarktoMarket and initially subscribed to the platform because they were impressed by its simplicity of use, competitive pricing and ability to augment their existing research tools. Although quality data is paramount when it comes to choosing platform providers, the team also cite the high service levels and focus on customer engagement as key benefits of working with MarktoMarket.

Build Comp Sets in Five Minutes

The analyst team highly rate MarktoMarket when researching very liquid markets which have a lot of transactions to assess. Using our dedicated valuation module, the team can compile a relevant list of comparable transactions in five minutes. Our proprietary data collection software captures more enterprise values and multiples than other providers, and the team finds this of great benefit in the lower to mid-market, where information can be scare.

Dedicated Buyer Research Function

MarktoMarket’s buyer research function collects detailed intelligence on both announced and unannounced buyers of UK businesses, making it simple to identify the most relevant prospective buyers for a deal. The team utilises this functionality to ensure comprehensive coverage when it comes to building targeted buyer lists for sales mandates.

Access to Innovative Data-sets

As long-term users of MarktoMarket, the team at Crowe have been an integral part of the platform’s product-feedback loop. We deploy new functionality and data-sets on a weekly basis, including an increasing amount of real-time data signals, and the team see this access to more innovative features and insights as a value add of working with MarktoMarket.

What does the team say about MarktoMarket?

More data than other platforms

“MarktoMarket collates more information than other platforms, especially in the lower end of the market, where we do a lot of work. Some other platforms might find the deal, but there will be no metrics against it, whereas MarktoMarket have a metric that you can actually use in formal reports.”

Proactive Customer Service

“It’s that proactiveness that we see with MarktoMarket in terms of reaching out and helping us that encourages us to stick with the platform. We see, and like, the journey that you’re on as a business and want to be part of that.” 

Constantly Innovating New Functionality

“It feels like you’re constantly thinking about the product, whereas some other providers we use haven’t changed in years – so all the new things you’re doing are interesting to us.”

Adds real value to crucial workflows

“From an M&A perspective, if you can add one or two credible purchasers that you might have otherwise missed, that really is added value.”

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